Tips for Dressing Up at the Races

race wear

Spending a day at the races is an event that many women look forward to. They have the opportunity to dress up for a memorable day out. In a traditional sense, race days are where women would step out and flaunt their finest clothing and accessories. One popular race meet was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne. This was the Royal Meeting at Ascot.

The Royal Family members are still leading the way from Windsor Castle to Ascot on a daily basis. When it comes to ladies’ day, a lot of focus outside racing goes to the latest ladies fashion. Special attention goes to the hats worn by the women.

Formal Wear

The ladies dress codes at a race meet is typically formal. It’s recommended to check up on the race course ahead of time to see which dress would be appropriate to wear according to the ticket event and type.

In a general sense, ladies days are considered to be highly formal. The pricier the ticket is, the more formal the dress code can be. A majority of women will wear a formal dress and hat (or a fascinator) during ladies days. This isn’t just limited to a particular event. It can also be applied to other racing events or racing days as well.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind on what women should wear during race days.

  • Racing days often involve events with plenty of people in one area. Choosing a bright-colored dress would easily make one stand out from the crowd.

  • Wearing corsages, feathers, and frills are perfect for racing meets. Go for an extravagant dress paired with accessories to make the most of the event.

  • Settle for luxury fabrics. These can be in the form of satin or silk. Horse races in particular are about spoiling oneself with luxury.

  • Heels appear to be at its best with today’s latest racing meet outfits. Keep in mind that once the dress is worn, it’ll require standing in them the entire day. If it’s a pair of heels that’s not comfortable to begin with, don’t wear it.

  • Maxi dresses are perfect for race day. They can be worn formally, are flattering, and gives off an elegant look. They’re also very trendy.

  • Add some worthy accessories such as a fascinator/hat depending on what what’s being worn.

Being able to dress up on race day is a fun thing to do. One can appear great by paying heed to the dress code. But let’s not forget to put on a dress that suits one best. To stand out from the crowd, wear something that’s different and unique.